Top tips to become a successful swapper!

Top tips to become a successful swapper

We’ve put together a series of top tips that we hope will help you make a swap. In the first one we’re taking a look at your advert and how to make it attractive to other swappers.

Give your advert the personal touch

Your advert is the most important part of the swapping process and is where you can really sell your home to other swappers.

As well as using the checklists to show features and information about your house, why not include your own personal take on what it’s like to live there?

You can do this by filling out the “Tell other swappers about your home” section and let other swappers know what a great home they could move into!

Show your home off with great photos

You massively increase your chances of finding a swap by uploading at least one photo of your home, so if you’re serious about swapping, get snapping!

It really helps other swappers to be able to know if your home would be right for them and will quickly screen out people who aren’t interested.

If you need more tips about how to take and upload great photos that really show your house off, we’ve put together a list here – Making the most of your home "advert"

Be honest!

When filling out the details of your home, be as honest as you can! It will save you and other swappers a lot of time and disappointment if your advert shows a realistic version of the home you’re offering.