STEP 3 - Contacting other swappers

Messaging other Swappers

When you find a home you like, you can securely message the swapper using our in-built messenger (like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger). Chat in real-time to work out details, request photos and ask any questions about a home. Using the private messaging is a safe and simple way to chat with other swappers without having to give them any personal contact information (e.g. your email address or mobile number).

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Arranging visits

When you've found a possible swap, you must arrange visits. You should not agree to swap with someone until you have both seen each other's homes. Think about what's most important to you and make sure this home ticks those boxes! Is it in good condition?

Remember that you're accepting the property "as seen" – so give it a good look over! Are there signs of damp, flaking paint or infestations of any kind? Do repairs need to be carried out? Are there any broken items of furniture that will be staying? Is there central heating? Do all the radiators function properly? Is it properly insulated? Is there double glazing? Is there enough storage space for your belongings? All of these are important things to look out for during any viewing. What's around?

Location, location, location – for some this is almost as important as the home itself. Make sure you visit at different times of the day, evening and at the weekend so you can get a good feel for the area. You should also make sure you look into the local transport – is there parking? Are you close enough to public transport? And finally: amenities - where's the nearest supermarket? What are the local schools like? Who's around?

A great neighbour is priceless but a bad neighbour can ruin your experience of a new home… so what are the neighbours like? Are there any disputes? Visiting a potential home several times can help you assess the situation and make a decision.

Always remember to stay safe when visiting other people's homes or if they visit yours. Read our tips for viewing here.

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