How to change where you want to live

How to change where you want to live

If you’ve changed your mind about the areas you’d like to live in, then don’t worry.

Our simple guide will show you how you can update the locations you put in at the start, whether you want to add to them, delete some, or change them completely.

Access your locations

To get to the list of locations you’ve selected, hover over “My details” in the top menu and select “The home I want”. (you must be logged into

The home I've got menu item

The first page you’ll come to is the one where you originally entered your preferred locations. Here you’ll see all the locations that you have saved as areas that you’d like to live in. Next to each one you’ll see a red symbol:

Remove location

If you’d like to remove any of your saved locations, simply click on this red minus symbol and the location will be deleted.

Add another location

If you’re looking to open up your options, then you can also add locations here. Underneath the locations you have, you’ll see a button that says “Add another location”. Click this to add a new area to your list.

Start typing in the area or location you want to live in and a list of matching places will be displayed. Click on the place you require.

Add location name

Next, select how far from the centre of that area you’re happy to look. Remember that the greater your search area, the more chance you’ll have of finding a swap.

Add location distance

Finally, click “Save location” and your preferred area will be added.

Map view

If you’d rather select your locations from a map view, then you have that option as well. To do this click on the map symbol next to the location box:

Add location map view button

A map view will open up and using the + and – symbols in the top left corner, you can zoom in and out to find the exact location you’d like to select.

If you click and hold on the central location inside the circle you can also drag it until you land on the location you’d like to live in. You can see these functions below:

Add location map view

When you’ve finished making your changes, make sure you click on the purple “Next” button and your changes will all be saved.

It’s important you do this, as if you leave the page without clicking “Next” your changes won’t be saved and will go back to what they were originally.