STEP 2 - View your Matches

The scheme automatically checks for homes that match your requirements.

This happens every day, so don’t worry if you don’t get many matches as first because new homes will be added all the time.

“Matches” are found using the following criteria:

Features - we will also provide matches on home features. These are items like double glazing, parking or heating. If a match has additional features to those you require then this will still be shown as a match.

Each home has a % score so you can see how closely they match your requirements.

One Hundred Percent Match
Ninty Percent Match

Remember to be flexible – just because a home isn’t a 100% match doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Take a look at the home advert and contact the other swapper – it could be your dream home!

STEP 3 - Contacting other swappers >